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Welcome to the Weret Ambassador Program - we’re excited to have you! Whether you are looking for more information about the Affiliate Program or you are already approved as We're Official Ambassador, this page was created to guide you.

Here you find from our Ambassador Starter Kit with the info needed to help you succeed as well as the Marketing Affiliate Policies explaining in detail how our program works. You will get notified when you are approved and have access to the affiliate system. If you have not registered yet please contact us at



Recap of Essentials


As an ambassador and member of our affiliate club, you can earn unlimited commission. When you refer a visitor to with a unique link provided to you and the user place an order, you will earn commission. We handle the orders, payments and deliveries, all you need to do is send us visitors.


Getting Started


To earn the commission you have to promote our products with a unique link which will be provided to you after your registration and sent to you when we launch our online store.

When using Instagram, please add your unique ambassador link in your bio (under website it will become clickable) and write in your posts that there’s a link in bio so your followers know where to look for it. You are also free to share your link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, wherever you feel it make sense.

Feel free to add Official WERET Ambassador to your profile description :)




On Instagram, use our hashtag #weret if you want us to repost your story and promote you.

Our profile is @weretofficial.


Creative Assets


Access our logos, new photographs, videos and banner recommendations on Google Photos, post them as is or create your own content.


Style Guide for up to date logos, lifestyle shoots and transparent photographs.

Promo Videos for latest demonstration and promotional videos.

Weret Showroom AR App for info and promotion regarding augmented reality app.


Tips and Tricks


Use these ideas, tips and tricks to accelerating the understanding of what the Watch is all about.


1. Demonstrate and describe why you appreciate the watch and its unique functionalities.

2. Include product highlights and features when talking about WERET to show what purposeful meaning our watches could have for your audience.

3. Join forces with us to create a webinar focusing on how WERET can help your specific audience.

4. Share your thoughts with our Ambassador team and get 1:1 support to accelerate your program.


Take ideas from the sentences below and use them when promoting the WERET Watches. You can also view the promotional videos to get a better feel of the products.


Get inspired:

• Never miss a good day of surfing!

• Looking forward to ride some big waves today.

• Nice pressure at the sweet spot today, looking forward to hit the waves

• Let’s hope the wind continues throughout the day, I’m heading out




Use these ideas, tips and tricks to accelerating the understanding of what the Watch is all about.

Following FTC Compliance


As an affiliated, all placements should meet FTC compliance and corresponding regulation in the EU.

This means that you need to disclose every post with an affiliate/ambassador link that you’ll receive commission on any sales. Examples of disclosure as follows:


• Ambassador program with WERET

• If you make a purchase through this link I will receive compensation when you purchase

• I'm a WERET Ambassador and receive compensation in case of purchase


The above should be regarded as pure suggestions based on our understanding of the FTC guidelines. The examples above should be used as legal advice of any form. Please visit the following links and reach out to the FTC directly in case of doubt.


FTC Endorsements Guidelines

FTC “.com disclosures” Guidelines for Digital Advertising

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