Let us introduce World Class Big Wave Surfer and our Official Ambassador Marcelo Luna. The Brazilian began surfing at the age of 15, and since then he has been fully dedicated to his life passion and practice of surfing.

He has been nominated three times for the World Surf League Big Wave Awards (2017/18/19), and is currently waiting for the Guiness Book confirmation of his World Record for the longest big wave ever surfed, with 23 meters, and surfed for 38.2 seconds, in Nazaré, Portugal.




"Sometimes, you just don't believe in the size of a wave, it can actually kills you..."

Let us introduce the kiteboarder, World Champion and our Official Ambassador Damien Leroy. He has been podium in many different disciplines from freestyle to course racing, speed, Big Air and slalom racing. A truly inspiring person that is full of energy and never stops smiling.


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