Keep track of
the surf forecast

at a glance.

Never miss an opportunity to hit the water.
Weret smartwatches tracks tide, wind, temperature, barometer and swell height for your favourite location

Connected to



Surf forecast covering 180 countries, powered by magicseaweed or World wide coverage, even inland, through WorldWeatherOnline

Traditional on the outside

Smart on the inside

Weret don't have a screen like other smartwatches, therefor it's almost impossible to know that our watches are packed with smart technology. The watch uses the minute and hour hands to point to specific numbers telling you the weather forecast through Bluetooth on your Smartphone.


High tide or low tide?

The ocean's tide plays a major role on the surf break at a certain surf spot. Know the tide by pressing on the crown and the second hand will point to the iconic wave telling you if it's time to hit the water.


Air pressure

Press on the crown and the minute hand will become a barometer pointing to the outer scale, in mBar or inHg.


Wind Speed and Origin

The sub dials are always connected to your favourite surf spot thanks to Bluetooth on your Smartphone, showing wind speed/wind direction, or swell height/swell direction.

Available in

Celsius and


Uniquely designed watch dials with outer scales presenting water and air- temperatures on the right side, and a barometer on the left side. Get your model in "Celsius (C‎°) / mBar"
or "Fahrenheit (F°) / inHg"

Sapphire Glass

Anti-Scratch &

When it comes to being anti-scratch, nothing’s better than Sapphire glass.


Pure Surgical Stainless steel.

Our watches are made to last beyond the season, with timeless design, clean silhouettes, and uses only the best materials and craftsmanship.

Water Resistant

10 ATM / 100 m / 330 ft

Designed for durability and an active lifestyle with excellent corrosion resistance to sea-water. So, if your Smartphone is water resistant its just to continue checking the weather forecast in the waves.

A companion app

for custom features

With the Weret App you control what the dials in your watch show - wind, temperature, barometer, or swell height and more. You choose.



Surf and tech magazines all over the world have acknowledged the watch for its features.

Charges in 2 hours.

Lasts for 90 days.

Wireless Induction charger.
Long lasting battery.

The world’s first analog steel watch with glass back and induction charging.

Connected via

Bluetooth to your smartphone

Don’t judge the watch only by the outstanding cover. In the core of Weret, you find what makes it so unique: Bluetooth™ technology, allowing you to get magicseaweed live surf conditions with just a glance on the wrist through your Smartphone.

Available for iOS and Android devices.

Choose from

6 different models.

Steel, black PVD coating, rose gold cases and more.

Discover our

Strap Collection

Our strap collection is designed to create a unique timepiece for every single occasion, ready to take on whatever your next adventure brings. Weret Watch Straps, with quick-release allows you to swap straps in seconds.

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"We couldn’t think of a better partner than magicseaweed for sourcing the most accurate current swell information." Surfer Today

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