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Weret Surf Watch Review - The Rolex Of Surf Watches?

Iain Campbell

How I watch the ocean from my wrist


Weret Surf Watch Review


Weret Surf Watch Review by Damien Leroy


Articles about our watches in action.

Weret is one of the sturdiest surf watches ever released.

- Surfertoday

Weret have produced an ultra stylish analog surf smartwatch combining analog elegance with digital interfaces driven by Bluetooth technology

- Carve

It’s a statement piece and luxury item for those who pride themselves on what their watch says about them.

- Chris Stevens 

Weret Surf watch review in a sentence: this Swiss-made surf watch makes it easy to keep an eye on the waves at all times, so you never miss a good session again.

- Joel Burgess, T3

You can go on holiday between charges, maybe even two holidays if you’re really posh.

- Fin Mullen 


Get a glance of what's going on with pour recognitions.

The world’s first connected watch specifically for surfers has just been released and has already been recognized by design experts.


We are performing on several mags around the world.

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