Weret and magicseaweed present the world's first connected watch for surfers

Weret has just pioneered the way surfers can stay up to date with the weather conditions and they made it easy for them to decide when it is the best time to hit the water. A glance on the watch: that’s all it takes to know the real-time conditions for over 3000 surf spots worldwide.


Gothenburg (SE), June 2020 - At first sight, the Weret watch impresses with its sophisticated lines, which carries the legacy of Swedish automotive design. Taking a closer look at it, you notice the object of surfers’ passion, the ocean, is the greatest inspiration for this timepiece. But let’s not judge it just by the cover. In the core of Weret what makes it so unique in an analog watch: Bluetooth™ technology that allows surfers to have the magicseaweed (MSW) real-time surf conditions with just a glance on the wrist.

The world’s first analog smartwatch gives different options to configure the dials according to consumer preferences. This way, between the data available it’s possible to choose to see the swell high and direction, check the wind speed and wind direction, or have the weather conditions such as air temperature and air pressure, for example. The Weret watches are available to purchase at

Designed in Sweden and Swiss movement inside
Weret aligns the best of an analog watch with high tech. It has a co-engineered smartwatch movement made in collaboration with Switzerland’s leading movement manufacturer. The result is the revolutionary use of the second hand of the Weret watch as a Bluetooth™ antenna that enables the connection to a smartphone, through the Weret app - available for iOS and Android systems.

With a few steps through the Weret app, the watch starts showing real-time surf conditions and with a touch on the crown, it toggles between Time mode and Weather mode, bringing extra data such as the tide flow. The temperature scale and the barometer are on the Weret outer scale, while the compass and Beaufort scale, showing wind or wave directions, swell height, and wind speed, are always at hand.

Another unique feature of Weret’s technology is the battery durability. Thinking specifically of surfers' lifestyle, a combination of Bluetooth™ Low Energy (BLE) technology and optimized software, enable battery charging of up to three months. The watch gets recharged with the wireless induction charger that comes with the watch within 45 mins. And here is another pioneering technology: Weret is the world's first analog steel watch with induction charging.

Quality craftsmanship and material
The name Weret represents the flow of waves and tides that are the life force of our world oceans and the true essence of Surf. Made to last beyond the season, Weret uses top craftsmanship and materials such as 316L pure surgical stainless steel - with excellent corrosion resistance to sea-water - and sapphire glass with anti-scratch and anti-reflective. The design is inspired by the Scandinavian automotive industry.

"We’ve worked with the best to bring you a technological masterpiece enabling you to become one with the elements through an augmented experience", said Weret’s founder and automotive designer.

Weret is launched in three limited editions available in Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scales: Weret Clean in black or white for those who look for a sophisticated design, Weret 612 if the preference is for a more stylish look in rose gold or brushed stainless steel and Weret Blue which highlights the surf elements and the iconic tide in the color of the seas. The straps are available in three different materials: leather, canvas, and silicone. Also following the surfer's lifestyle, they come with a quick-release system, making it easy to swap according to the occasion.

Real-time surf conditions with magicseaweed
A unique timepiece needed the most accurate weather conditions for surfers, that's why Weret and magicseaweed decided to partner up. For years, magicseaweed has been collecting data through live winds, ocean buoy readings, webcams, and direct beach reports, honing their surf forecasting service making it one of the most accurate on the planet - and it is now available on the Weret watch.

We're stoked with the partnership with Weret” said Jason Lock, editor of magicseaweed. “For surfers to have live surf data straight to their wrist is a huge boon for people's surfing life. You'll have all you need to make the call, and every other feature of MSW will live on the MSW app and homepage, so this is the perfect companion for when planning a surf mission.”

The surf global weather prediction on Weret watches covers almost 3,000 beaches in 180 countries, thanks to a network of live human reporters updated in real-time, four times a day. “We are very excited to have this partnership with magicseaweed. From now on, surfers from Australia to Alaska can have exactly the same tools used by the world's top surfers also on a high tech piece on their wrist”, resume Rozada.

Designed for surfers by surfers
Whose opinion could count most for an ocean watch? Surfers for sure! Besides having surfers on the creative team, Weret is partnering with surfers for development as part of their ambassador program. Surfers from the World Surf League and Big Waves surfers - as Tomas Tudela, Ignacio Salazar, and Marcelo Luna - are some of the athletes that are already spreading the word about the world's first connected surf watch.

Weret specifications:
>> Weight: ~87g
>> Water-resistant: 10 atm (100m/330ft)
>> Connection: Syncs MSW real-data to your wrist through Bluetooth™ Low Energy and your Smartphone
>> APP - The Weret app is available for both iOS and Android for the surfing community.
>> Durability: Uses a sapphire crystal and 316L surgical grade stainless steel - a low-carbon steel with excellent corrosion resistance to sea-water >> Battery: Lifetime up to 3 months and charging with a wireless induction charger
>> Weather Accuracy: 3000 beaches in 180 countries covered with real-time weather conditions powered by magicseaweed - a favorite of the world's top surfers.
>> Price: US$795, with free shipping worldwide at

About Weret
Weret was founded in Sweden by award-winning digital design and development house in collaboration with Switzerland's leading movement manufacturer and a watchmaker of functional quality watches on the Swedish west coast for almost a decade. With over 14 years of history in technology, Weret pushed the boundaries of innovation with new exciting functionalities while maintaining the highest level of accuracy and quality, resulting in a unique hybrid smartwatch presenting surf data in collaboration with magicseaweed, the world's most popular online free long range surf forecast. Weret creates watches that are made to last with timeless design, clean silhouettes, innovative techniques, and functional details. Inspired by Scandinavian automotive design it uses only the best materials and craftsmanship honoring the Swedish manufacturing heritage. A new ocean watch is born. Welcome to Weret and have your world on your wrist! Find out more at 

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