Weret announces lower retail price in 2021

The world’s first analog smartwatch for surfers shows live magicseaweed surf conditions at a glance on the watch


Gothenburg (SE), January 2021 - After almost one year in the market, watch brand Weret is lowering its retail prices in 2021. Starting this month, the first analog smartwatch for surfers will offer all six of its models for 595 USD.

"Thanks to optimization in our production and supply chain, we're able to reduce the costs, keeping the same certificated swiss quality," says Weret Founder Joel Rozada. He states that the change also reflects the customer's response during last year's sales. "As a startup, we know that we will need to review our strategy from time to time. And what we see now is a chance to expand the reach within our target group."

A Swedish timepiece, Weret is powered by magicseaweed and displays live swell height and direction, or wind speed and direction at just a glance on the watch. Tide, temperature, and barometer are also available with one touch of a button.

There are three limited editions available in Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scales, including five options of straps in leather, canvas, and silicone - all with a quick-release system, making it easy to swap according to the occasion. The Weret watches are only available to purchase online at

Press contacts
Fernanda Schimuneck -
Weret - Brand & Ambassador Communicator

About Weret
Weret was founded in Sweden by award-winning digital design and development house in collaboration with Switzerland's leading movement manufacturer and a watchmaker of functional quality watches on the Swedish west coast for almost a decade. With over 14 years of history in technology, Weret pushed the boundaries of innovation with new exciting functionalities while maintaining the highest level of accuracy and quality, resulting in a unique hybrid smartwatch presenting surf data in collaboration with magicseaweed, the world's most popular online free long range surf forecast. Weret creates watches that are made to last with timeless design, clean silhouettes, innovative techniques, and functional details. Inspired by Scandinavian automotive design it uses only the best materials and craftsmanship honoring the Swedish manufacturing heritage. A new ocean watch is born. Welcome to Weret and have your world on your wrist! Find out more at 

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